Friday, July 17, 2009

The Audio-lingual Method vs Communicative Approach: teacher´s role

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In the Audio-lingual method, the teacher is like an orchestra leader, directing and controlling the language behaviour of her/his students. Teachers are responsible for providing her/his sts. with a good model for imitation.
In contrast, in the Communicative Approach the teacher is a facilitator of his students´ learning. He´s a manager of classroom activities. One of his major responsibilities is to establish situations likely to promote communication. He acts as an advisor, answering student´s questions and monitoring their performance.

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  1. Clearly stated indeed, Anabella! As you've already pointed out, teacher roles are closely linked to the method goals.
    Those of you willing to go over a brief (but thorough) overview of the Communicative Approach will appreciate this article. Or perhaps you prefer this slideshow instead!
    Keep posting!