Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Total Physical Response

Principles advocated by this method have also been shared by other methods. Can you identify any?

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  1. Hi everyone! I am back after my holidays in Iguazu Falls !! AMAZING!!
    Back to reality, trying to connect my brain again...
    I've beeen thinking that some of the principles shared by TPR with other methods could be the following:
    1.- The same as in "Suggestopedia", gfreat deal of attention in given to student's feelings. In TPR the idea is to reduce the stress people feel when studying foreign languages. To relieve anxiety language learning has to be as enjoyable as possible. Feelings of success and low anxiety facilitate learning. One of the fundamental principles of Suggestopedia is that if students are relaxed and confident the learning of the language will come naturally and and easily.
    2.- The same as in the "Direct Method", the oral modality is primary. Language is primarily spoken and not written. In TPR understanding the spoken word should precede its production and spoken language is emphasized over written language.
    3.- Another principle that TPR shares with the "Grammar Translation Method" is that vocabulary and grammar are emphasized over other language areas.-

    What do you think people? Am I right? Any other comments on this or suggestions?